Integrity is an extremely sensitive word; a core aspect of human consciousness. Yet it is poorly understood. Integrity is not just about being good or honest. It is far more than these. Integrity means wholeness and to be whole sometimes you may be perceived as “bad” or probably “mean”. Yet deep inside, the perceiver will sense your integrity. Integrity is constructive and is framed around a core set of values which give a sense of meaning, actualisation and fulfilment to the human. In understanding integrity, one will see that it transcends conscience even though conscience contributes to its framework. So in preserving our integrity, sometimes conscience must be moderated to allow our values and sense of wholeness to be secure. Integrity is therefore based on a deep self awareness and clarity of our values. It is also strengthened by disciplined thinking, sincerity and self honesty. Integrity is not slave morality but a conscious determination to be whole and to communicate that wholeness in our daily living. Being whole may therefore mean that some conventions or norms would be forgone. As integrity grows, at some point during one’s psychological development, it becomes easier to detect people who lack integrity. In this discovery, one sees that it is not a question of the subject’s faith belief or religious profession but more of perceiving an inner congruency and sense of integrity within the individual. Integrity at its core communicates consistency, courage, love, humility and discipline. Conversely, incongruence, passivity, impatience, inconsistency, indiscipline, sycophancy, immaturity, pride, obsequiousness , dependency etc. are covert signs of a lack of integrity as compared with lying and dishonesty which are more overt signs known to many. Developing an acute sensitivity to these signs would help one navigate the rivers of interpersonal relationships in the real world. We definitely need people as much as they need us. Yet it is a profound blessing to have someone with integrity close to us. The benefits are too many to quantify. Without giving anything to you, this solid rock of an individual will bring moments of intense joy and peaceful calm to you.

From the sense of being, integrity is an arsenal, or using another metaphor lets imagine when the tyres of a moving car are deflated and lose their buoyancy and the car is unable to move. That is what integrity is. It is the vantage point from which you unleash your contributions of effectiveness to the world. Once there is a distortion in this realm, your results would be greatly undermined. This therefore makes integrity sacred and to be guarded with one’s life. Integrity is definitely not framed in the sense of fear of accusation or punishment but from a deep self awareness and love for oneself. That is why true integrity fears no accusation or false impressions. Integrity is enduring and will prove itself in the end even if misconstrued. It is the responsibility of the individual to guard this core aspect of consciousness not necessarily because of how one will be perceived but more because of the quality of one’s contribution to the world, to humanity and the realisation of one’s self actualisation.